Giving unwanted urban trees a new life!

With all the development in our home - the Pacific Northwest - city trees are being taken down all the time for a variety of reasons; weather damage, new development, or simply old age. While it is sad to see these ancient residents be taken out, Yodelboy is passionate about seeing that they don't go to waste! We have a number of small-scale milling operations in the Portland area and the Gorge, taking trees that may have been overlooked, and processing them into gorgeous, usable slabs and furniture that will last a lifetime. Our goal is that eventually all the Yodelboy furniture will be made out of our own salvaged, milled and dried lumber!

Until then, we pledge to use as much locally salvaged and or sustainably harvested wood in our projects as possible.

Some of our favorite spots include: Salvage Works, Sustainable NW Wood, and the Rebuild It Center! 


Get involved!

If you are interested in purchasing lumber from Yodelboy Woodworks please shoot us an email. We are happy to supply local woodworkers with our high-quality and lovingly cured hardwoods. We are also always seeking connections to arborists and developers who would like to see trees that need to come down be turned into useful lumber rather than firewood or wood chips!